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Simple and Cost-Effective Voluntary Benefits for Employees

Identity Theft and Legal Solutions are the most requested voluntary benefit in North America because they directly solve issues that affect employees' lives, families, and work performance. Over 60,000 North American companies of all sizes have turned to Identity Theft and Legal Solutions to create a security culture at their company and decrease costs.

FTC Assistant Director Says: "We will act against businesses that fail to protect their customer data. 52% of all Identity Theft incidents occur in the workplace."


Why Should Companies Offer Their Employees With Legal And Identity Solutions?


What is Legal Solutions?

Legal Solutions gives your employees the ability to talk to an attorney about any matter without worrying about high hourly costs.  From the trivial to the traumatic and everything in between, our plans are designed to meet the most common legal needs encountered by employees and their families.  Plus, at one low monthly fee, it's completely affordable.

It's easy for them.

Using Legal Solutions is simple.  Members dial a toll-free number, and they're connected with a designated provider law firm.  They describe their situation, and a lawyer experienced in that area of law will call them back within eight hours.  We make it easy for your employees, which in turn makes it easy for you.

And easy for you.

A flexible employee benefit program should not only include the best services for its participants but also easy maintenance procedures for its administrators.  All of our legal service plans are created with consideration of the demands faced by human resource personnel, including:

  • Simplified implementation
  • On-site enrollment process
  • Designated service representatives

Plus there are no claim forms to file, the payroll deduction is one low rate, and large participation and high utilization are encouraged.  It's truly win-win coverage, combining the confidence they need with a company you can trust.



Identity Theft Plan

Identity theft continues to be the top consumer complaint as again reported by the Federal Trade Commission.  Because of this, LegalShield partnered with Kroll, a major risk consulting company, to provide our members access to their expertise in restoring identities.  Our Identity Theft Plan includes personal credit sore with analysis, continuous monitoring with activity alerts, identity restoration services and more.

Your employees will benefit.  And so will you.

ISA  takes the stress and strain of legal issues off your employees' shoulders and puts their focus back at work, where it belongs.  With more and more legal situations arising every day, it can be difficult for employees to handle the amount of paperwork, phone calls and money required to resolve an issue without cutting into work time.

  • Reduce absenteeism.  According to Russell Research (April 2007), one in three employees took time off work an average of 13 days a year for a legal problem.  However, 70% of thsoe enrolled in a group legal plan did not take any vacation days toward resolving their legal issues, compared to half of those who hired their own attorney (Harris Interactive, 2011).
  • Increase productivity.  Workers enrolled in a legal plan spent 25% less time resolving their legal matters compared to those who hired an attorney on their own (4.4 weeks vs. 6.1 weeks on average, Harris Interactive, 2011).
  • Decrease employee stress.  When employees are stressed from legal or identity theft issues, their health suffers and medical claims may go up.
  • Keep a progressive company image.  Show that you care about your employees.  70% of Americans have at least one new or ongoing legal issue each year, and 50% of Americans do not even have a will (Harris Interactive, 2011).

"Periodic training emphasizes the importance you place on meaningful data security practices. A well-trained workforce is the best defense against Identity Theft and data breaches. Create a 'culture of security' by implementing a regular schedule of employee training and if employees don't attend, consider blocking their access to the network." – The FTC


Create a Security Culture that Your Employees Will Respect

A ISA Specialist will work with you to address Identity Theft issues that affect you and your company. Your company's name and brand can take years to build and only minutes to destroy. Regardless of your Company's size, data security is critical. Our specialists are trained to help you and your business reduce the risk of security breaches.